Kinda sorta about teaching, but not really

A cool coffee cup kozie

My first published blog was a bout running. Business was the theme of second go at being a blogger. I feel I did a good job on the running blog, while I feel I did a much better job on the business one. I like little businesses and talking about the customer experience. I still like talking about how small biz makes a ripple in the huge ocean of commerce. Here are my questions I ask about businesses;

My personal questions are

1. Is it a service I like?
2. Does it create a memorable experience?
3. What do I feel like as a customer using this product/service?
4. Do I want to tell people about it?

All that being said I had the pleasure of running into Divas yo yo yarn on Instagram. She makes outstandingly cute crochet hats, gloves, scarves and as you can see coffee cup warmers! She does more than that, too. So anyway. I’ve just found this cup warmer so adorable that I had to get one. So I ordered one in my Morehouse colors along with my initial. Simple is a very good description of the ordering process.

I became a true fan before I even got my well made koozie. A day after my order I got an email that there had been a problem with my order and that the package I would receive wasn’t complete. Arrangements were made and the complete order was sent just a few days later. I truly appreciated that she was proactive of the situation and didn’t wait for me to have a negative experience when I opened my package. I sincerely appreciate that! 

Some how I have to tie this into teaching. Since Teachers are known to drink coffee/tea and OTHER things, I think I’m going to order some of these for my teammates and a few of my Sunday school teamies. Yeah, I teach Sunday school, judge me!

How was your week? What do you like to do to unwind and relax after a long week of teaching and learning? 


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