Weights don’t make you stronger

You all know I enjoy CrossFit, but joining a CrossFit gym won’t make you stronger. Going into said CF gym and working your butt off, listening to your trainer and eating better will make you stronger. You’ve got to work in order to get stronger. Just like this example, carrying a book bag, a book, sitting at a desk will not make you smarter. Even wishing and hoping won’t give you a grasp of the content. You’ve got to apply yourself in order to get better.

I mention this, because, I’ve found that most of my students are serious about FAITH. They believe that they’ll have a great life, full of riches, fame and success. They also are convinced that they will not have to do a lot of work to get it. They’re just going to “be ok”. Or the really sad response is the blank stare. Most adults realize that this isn’t a good strategy. Most successful people know that this is a horrible idea. But how do you get someone excited, bought into working hard?

To me this is one of the biggest issues. I have to find more ways to get my students excited about learning. Not sure if making them do burpees and our power cleans for time would be a good idea. I’ve located a HUGE area for growth across my entire class. Reading. Next week I’m zero-ing in on their specific shortfalls. We’re going to have a Readers Bootcamp. More details to follow. I just want this school year to be a real demarcation point for my class. Something is going to have to break free this year.


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