A new tie style


It’s a work in progress

I’ve been playing around with the idea of converting a long tie into a bow tie. It’s such a cool idea.

The Good:  It’s fun. The process is neat. Almost instantaneously I had 20+ new bow tie options. Since I try to not wear the same time over and over again this is HUGE. When you tie a long tie into a bow tie it kind of becomes a clip on so you don’t have to worry about tying the tie again. You only need to slip it around your neck.

The Bad: I haven’t found anything BAD about this. My wife’s not super fond of them so I could call that bad.

The Ugly: The knots are gigantic! A normal bow tie is hardly noticeable to the wearer. However these new ties are certainly big. This leads into another possible issue. The conversion works better with skinny/thin ties. Well if you go out and buy skinny ties it kind of defeats the purpose of recycling your long ties. It’s also kind of difficult to affix the tie around your neck. It’s not a game changing issue, but it can be difficult.

Over all it’s a neat twist to the tie game. I planned to wear one everyday this week, but I chose to spend more time getting some of the fine details in line. I certainly need to get the knot smaller and work on getting it to stay around my neck.





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