30 random thoughts during the standardized testing

I’ve been tasked with administering the standardized test to 5th grade. Let’s just say I get A LOT of time to think. Here’s 30 things I’ve thought and questions I’ve had while walking around a class in total silence.

  1. Why do they make student desks look like this?
  2. Is it possible to test for growth without doing the standardized tests?
  3. What would happen if every student at this school had access to clean clothes and grooming everyday?
  4. Why can’t Christians usually argue a point from a secular angle?
  5. Does it matter if a child has both parents in the home?
  6. Why do so many students wear Nike?
  7. Could a school have it’s school uniforms sponsored by a shoe manufacture? Would that be some kind of conflict?
  8. What would happen to the Black community if everyone stopped buying hair extensions for 1 year?
  9. If everyone could save 10% of their income for 1 year what would happen to the banking industry?
  10. Is it possible to get an entire school to compost all compost trash?
  11. So if God wants to reproduce Himself in our lives, what does that look like on a grand scale?
  12. What would it take to get all non-essential staff people in the school district to help with classroom school work?
  13. Could I bike to work?
  14. What am I going to sell at the yard sale tomorrow?
  15. Hey I haven’t been Crossfitting in sometime. I can feel it.
  16. What if I got a part time job? How would I balance it?
  17. Am I doing to much? Am I just to busy, doing stuff?
  18. Why is it so hard to do and stay on a budget, but easy to complain about the lack of funds?
  19. Can I get my Level 1 cert and Crossfit Kids in 1 year?
  20. Could I sell my “Super Learners” and “Workshop” classroom themes at my yard sale? How much?
  21. Will we get to see how our lives could have been or will we even care?
  22. How much would I pay to join a van pool that dropped me off and picked me up from work?
  23. What’s the best mobility complex to teach 5th graders before during and after sitting doing this test?
  24. Would I accept any additional responsibilities at work that would take my time from home?
  25. If we get 80% of our growth from 20% of our work is it the same that we get 80% of our struggles from 20% work?
  26. How much could I make during the yard sale this weekend?
  27. Where am I going to put all the stuff I accumulated this school year over the Summer?
  28. What’s the best home workout program for heavy lifting even if you only have 400 lbs?
  29. What does 100% paleo look like for me?
  30.  What’s the best way for me to build my skills without doing a lot outside of work? Is that even possible?

How was your week? Did you have to do any standardized tests? How did you fair?


2 thoughts on “30 random thoughts during the standardized testing

  1. 1. If I were to guess cost…why, what do you think they should look like?
    2. Yes
    3. Sounds like an excellent project for you to figure out how to implement and measure results
    4. Too caught up in ideology, arguing a lot of times with people that don’t share the ideology…making for lots of meaningless debates and missed opportunities.
    5. Incomplete thought….does it matter that what? Are they more balanced, better learners, less aggressive/agitated?
    6. Good marketing/branding
    7. Yes. We’re well past concerning ourselves with conflicts. The same way school districts offer contracts to private industries to provide goods and services, is the same way schools could contract with shoe manufacturers for uniforms, IMO.
    8. They would spend those monies that on something else (I ASSUME) you would find to be wasteful.
    9. Nothing, they’d raise fees and recoup that 10% with new fines and regulations imposed on the consumer.
    10. Yes
    11. I don’t think anyone really knows, no one that I have met at least.
    12. Money, threats, incentives
    13. Yes
    14. Probably not everything you need to sell, like most folks do when they have yard sales.
    15. Sounds like you should start biking to work sooner than later
    16. You wouldn’t stay very long. You would find a reason that it couldn’t work for you unless it was something you found fulfilling.
    17. Excellent questions. Hard to be objective with yourself isn’t it…
    18. Because we are a society that like’s instant gratification, short cuts, the easy road, lack of planning, impulse…..wait maybe I’m just confessing.
    19. Yes
    20. Yes. Depends on the packaging and condition of the items.
    21. Great question….
    22. Let me know when/if you find out. VRide is looking more attractive by the day.
    23. Did you come up with anything?
    24. NO.
    25.Great question #2…..not that the others aren’t good.
    26. Price high (because the low-ball is coming), get rid of items in good condition….you’d be surprised.
    27. Basement.
    28. Lifting Smart Cars in TraderJoes’s parking lot (there’s always an excess of smart cars at Whole Foods and Trader Joes)
    29. Don’t know…but I’m sure it doesn’t involve SmallCakes….
    30. No

    • I thank you for your reply. We’re not far from one another, but I don’t think that you got my point for #8. I don’t think “buying hair” is wasteful. I was thinking about that just because it seems to hit a large group. We could say cut all at fast food out for a year. Read a non fiction book for 20 minutes every night. It was just a thought about one action carried out over a long time.

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