Anchor chart solution of sort

I started the year off having a HUGE issue with my anchor charts. I wanted to use them more and more, but I couldn’t get them organized. In steps hanging coat racks. Now my life is pleasant and life’s a breeze. In steps next problem. What do I do with the charts and coat racks over the Summer?


I hole punched similar charts and ran a ring through them along with a hanger.


Now short of a major event the charts hang on to the hanger even if the hanger doesn’t hold right.


So far so good. All similar charts, units are hung together. Saves a TON of space, too.


Oops, the hanger clips didn’t stay on, but the ring didn’t fail. Make sure you find hangers that work. Not all of them work for every kind of chart.


I ran out of the rings so I maneuvered a binder clip on to the hanger to hold the charts. I didn’t hole punch them. So far it’s holding on like a champ.

Tomorrow or next week I’m going to bring my grand wardrobe box to school and start loading them into the box. If I did my elite guesstimate correctly I should be able to fit them all in 1 box. That is after I arrange similar charts and units. Let’s see how it goes.



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