35 things teachers can do this Summer

I believe I out did myself with my 100+ things to do this Summer list from last year. I really can’t think of a lot of unique ideas for this year. So I’m going to do a short list. 35 things Teachers can do this Summer. Here we go.

  1. Sleep in
  2. Sleep less
  3. workout
  4. Clean out the garage/basement
  5. start a garden
  6. visit a lot of local farmers markets
  7. make a journal of your day to day adventures
  8. learn a new language
  9. teach summer school
  10. start a new hobby
  11. break an old habit
  12. relax a lot
  13. invest time into your own kids/family
  14. visit your neighbors…face to face
  15. read a book or two or three
  16. take all your “work clothes” to the cleaners and shoes to the cobbler
  17. learn about social media
  18. start a blog
  19. restart your blog
  20. start that book project
  21. write some handwritten than Thank you notes
  22. take nothing for granted
  23. enjoy a night on the deck
  24. get a massage
  25. family movie night!
  26. visit a side of town you don’t know
  27. be a tourist downtown
  28. walk more
  29. drive less
  30. do that “thing” you’ve been wanting to do
  31. update your resume
  32. call an old friend and reconnect
  33. do your will
  34. locate all your important documents and put them in 1 place
  35. Pray

What’s on your list of things to do this Summer?


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