A rich blessing

Yard sales used to be my thing. Every blue moon I stop by one. I always look for ones run by teachers.


I ran across a retiring 2nd grade teacher who was having a HUGE yard sale yesterday. She sold me a lot of good quality stuff. She ended up giving me just as much as I bought. A real bonifide resource for my classroom.  Expect my teaching to go up a level this year. 


Not only that, but she donated all the remaining stuff to my daughter’s classes. She truly helped our classes big time. She was so kind to my girls.  She loaded them down outstanding stuff, too.

Initially I wasn’t going to go to the sale. But I really felt I should since it was advertised as “retired teacher”.  That’s code for “good stuff”.  Besides it was right by my house.  I wasn’t let down at all. I may even keep her in mind to show me how she did her outstanding organization system. Cause it was great. You never know what you may find when you follow a random sign. 


Outstanding ties this week.  My wood tie is ruling the roost for sure. 


Great lessons in my not so obvious summer gig. Opinion writing using 2 versions of “Let it go”. A lot of fun

Ok, I got to go see this Tom Cruise movie. What are you doing this summer?


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