That’s how you do it


I told you about my 2nd grade teacher angle, J. She was so extremely helpful and a real pleasure to meet.  Her husband was nice guy as well. While talking to her the 1st day she asked where I went to church and I told her. Later on she gave me a card for her church if my wife and I were ever interested in joining them for service. I’m not church seeking at all, but if I were there was absolutely no chance in the World that I wouldn’t have been at her church this Sunday.  She really paved the way by being so selfless giving to my class and my girl’s schools. She saw that education was important to me and made sure that I had as much as I could in that area BEFORE she even mentioned faith/church.  I keep bragging on her, but I gleaned a lot from her and her family. 

Summer has been outstanding even though I have been doing a lot for and about school.  I have a plan for Father’s day to really recharge and refresh. 


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