Happy Father’s day


Bet you can’t guess what my girls got me for Father’s day.  1 guess.
Wow, you’re pretty good. Got any good stock tips you want to share?

I enjoy this time of year.  Mother’s day last month now a celebration of dads. My girls have so much fun. When we factor in that this how God wants to bring about change/legacy in the earth, it’s refreshing to be on this venture with this little family I have.
This year I have a glut of pics from my social media friends of them and their dads. I need to make a trip up north to get some pics of my dad and I. One common thread I saw with a lot of these pictures and even my own was a sense of hope. Some know they don’t have a good relationship with their fathers. Some do, but in each old picture you catch this sense that there’s a belief that things will be better. Faith for the future.
I also noticed how many young dad’s took pictures with their kids. They then put them side by side with a old pictures of their dad holding them that same way. Besides the fact that we do start to look like our dads, this was an awesome testament to what I said before. We believe that something was good, something long-lasting, there was noteworthy and we need to preserve it.
Well, I’m going to go look for some pictures of me and my dad. Maybe I’ll just book a flight.


Summer Academy has been awesome. I have the best group of students and student teachers in the history of 2014 summer academy.  We’re all learning so much. I’ll be a better teacher next year because of these youngsters. 


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