Starbucks iced coffee in stores!


I feel some kind of way that Starbucks didn’t send me advance notice of this little gem. Forgiveness has been granted.  But please don’t try me. (Send me a few coupons, ok)

While strolling through the super market this past week I found this goodie in the cooler section. Iced coffee on tap.

First impressions

  • The bottle is HUGE.
  • The bottle has a wrapper around it probably to protect the iced coffee goodness from light.
  • It’s in the cooler near the milk and cold beverages.
  • It comes in “Lightly sweetened” and “unsweetened”.
  • It’s pricey, $5.99 for a 48 Oz bottle. But that maybe ok. I think a 30 oz (Trenta) and a (Venti) iced coffee would be more.

Second impressions

  • The cap on the bottle useless. What up with this huge cap?
  • There is a foil seal on the mouth of the bottle after you pop the cap.
  • The color of the beverage seems consistent with my regular purchase.
  • The taste isn’t exactly freshly made iced coffee. However it’s quite tasty.

Final analysis

  • I’d buy this and keep it in my classroom fridge before I bought the powdered SB via.
  • I can make my drink exactly like I want.
  • Since Starbucks hasn’t started offering coconut milk this is a fantastic option for someone who wants to cut out dairy and doesn’t want the other creamers out there.
  • SB staff didn’t seem to know about this. I didn’t do a deep survey , but I did ask two who said they had never heard of it.

Over all this is a pretty impressive product from Seattle.  I could see this slowing down my SB rewards accumulation big time.


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