Unique ways to to partner up

I like the turn and talk, partner reading, teach back activities. It gives the kiddos time to voice their ideas, hear themselves, listen to others as well as practice taking turns. Here’s a list of ways I partner up students. Some you’ll have to do some ground work before hand, but most can be spontaneous.

  • Same gender “Boys pair up with another boy. Girls pair up with another young lady.”
  • Mixed gender “Find a girl to partner up with if you’re a boy and a vice versa.”
  • Elbow partner “Turn to your neighbor at your right.”
  • Find a person with X siblings “Everyone put up fingers to show how many siblings you have. Find a partner who has the same number as you.”
  • Pair up with someone who have a school uniform on “If you have a school uniform on pair up with someone else who does. If you don’t pair up with Mr. Whitaker cause I don’t have one on either!”
  • Partner up with someone who was born in Spring or Summer “All my April, May, June, July, August, September birthday babies pair up with someone born October, November, December, January, February, March.”
  • Pair up with someone whom you haven’t partnered up with before “Pair up with someone you’ve never paired up with before.”
  • Find a partner who’s name I(first or last) starts with a Vowel or Consonant opposite of you “A,E,I,O,U if you’re names starts with any other letter I need to partner with you.”
  • Partner up with someone who has the same amount of syllables in their name as you “Put up fingers showing how many syllables are in your 1st name. Pair up with someone who has the same as you.”

These were a few ideas I had. Please feel free to comment some other ways you’ve found to partner your students up.





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