Let’s just go ahead and get this thing going

This has been an exhausting pre planning week. It hit me today, SCHOOL HASN’T STARTED, YET! I am really a creature of habit and my attempt to do something different might have thrown me off. All that aside I got A LOT done. I had some super fantastic help from my nephew and a family friend. Got to take the out for some ice cream or something.

My daughter came today to give my classroom her approval.


What an inviting door



I could learn a lot in this room!


So much information. I feel smarter already.


It’s like a mini lesson on each chart!


Oh, I’m ready to learn. Yes, sir.


Chilling in the reading center with a good book

This sounds strange, but I don’t like teachers’ desks. I feel like I’d sit down to much. I also feel they take up space. I’m a minimalist for sure. A few years ago I started using a cart for my make shift desk. It works so well and I rarely find myself sitting down. Most days I’m jumping all over so this really makes it easy for me. Last year I had 2 carts and this year I added another to my fleet. image

Most of my work happens here. I do all of my standing in from of the class teaching from here. I have no issue wheeling it around the building to meetings and the such. image

This is where just about all my tech is found. When I’m going to an oh so dear planning meeting I bring this with me. I always find a reason to print, staple or need some audio.  It’s not on  there in this picture, but I have an LCD projector on this cart as well. It seems odd. Since my class doesn’t have a smart board this just helps out SO much. I’m supposed to get a smart board soon and when I do I’ll move to…image

This is the smallest cart I have and I honestly don’t think I’ll be wheeling this around the school, it’s very short. However, when I get my smart board I can down size my tech cart, maybe.

As always, I have charts, charts and more. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make some change to them this year.



Summer is almost over and I need to get about 8 hours of relaxing in. Next weekend I’m getting my CrossFit Level 1 cert. Very excited. My return to CFSC has been good. There’s been more laying on the floor than I remember. Besides that it’s been good.


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