This weekend

I was able to sit for my CrossFit Level 1 this weekend at Crossfit Atlanta. It’s a 2 day seminar and skills training that’s capped off with a written test. When you get into CF it’s easy to just think it’s about lifting heavy things fast and often. CFL1 really laid that misnomer to rest this weekend. I’m so glad I took the course. Not just because now I can call myself a trainer, but I learned a TON of valuable skills and tweaks to my own lifting. There were so many amazing teachable moments. Many videos are posted on their Youtube page, but it’s not really the same. Let’s talk about the details. 8 seminars. A lot. A lot of skill work over the 9 essential movements (can’t wait to work on them) and a few bonus moves. Fantastically funny and well spoken trainers from all over the CF universe came in to dole out some knowledge and ideas.

The good

  • I can’t say enough about the crew that came in to train us. AMAZING!
  • Crossfit Atlanta housed the event and it is a spectacular gym.
  • The participants!
  • The CF community. Say what you want about CF, but you’re going to be hard pressed to find a better community of fanatic supporters outside of organized sports.
  • Just how much we don’t know. It was refreshing to see that EVERYONE had a teachable moment.

The bad

  • I wanted to be able to take pics. There were some great moments that would have made this blog really pop. *I understand why 100%.
  • I wouldn’t mind a Friday night meet and greet just to get to know everyone before the Saturday seminar kicks off.

The ugly

  • The build up to the test kind of sucked. It put a slight damper on the end of the day. My mind kept searching for key words I’ve heard all weekend, attempting to imprint ideas in my mind and so on rather than really take in the last two seminars fully.
  • I also wouldn’t mind more time to work on skills. We had a lot of time, but I wouldn’t mind more.

There’s so many transferable elements between CF and my daily grind. I hope that one day I’ll be able to find a solid means to link the two together.

I’ll be back to my usual bow tie shenanigans tomorrow.


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