Another great 5 days in a row

We had another outstanding 5 days. This group is really special. We laugh a lot and we work hard. I’m expecting to have some great stories about this group as the year goes on.



We were doing school uniforms for teachers for the 1st 2 weeks of school. Let’s just say Thank God that’s over! I couldn’t find any more white shirts. When I launder them I just don’t feel like I can iron them like the dry cleaner does and I wasn’t taking a shirt to the cleaners this week. If you look closely You may see that a couple of days I just gave up.




We’ve been working on graphing, taking info and using tally marks as well as reading a graph. I hope I’m teaching this in a way that the kiddos get it. I guess this would be the Training phase, where I’m working to get in info into the their minds. Later they practice and use the skills.


Well, someone got it! I only need to repeat this in 11 other students and make sure they all can read a graph and we’re on Easy St.





We read “Flat Stanley” for our read aloud this week. Just some fun modeling for the students. We also have to do writings about ourselves.  So we thought it would be cool to do a letter and get a Flat Stanley off to a friend. So far so good. It’s taking them a LONG time to get any writing worth anything, but it’s a learning process. I think the final project will show just how far they’ve come.


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