Week in review

imageHow was your week? Well, week 3 is in the books. I wore black today in honor of putting another week out to pasture. 33 more to go. Do I need to say that this week had bow ties? Well, that goes without saying. No theme ties this week.


image  We mixed some CrossFit in with our math drills. The kids are getting so much better at the basics. Ready for something tougher? Surprised how much they liked Tabata Math Drills.


I am going to be known as the Centers Teacher. I’ve been having great success with centers this year. I feel that I’m managing centers time well and the kids are getting some good practice as well as remediation time.




We’re jumping off on science. We haven’t started doing any experiments. Maybe we’ll do an ALS ice challenge. No.



imageWe are doing our own Flat Stanley projects. We’re going to be sending our Flat Stans off to friends and/or pen pals soon. The kids do like the writing process. More are working on the basics than I thought would. I’m making a much better effort on my social studies. Let’s see how we do throughout the year.



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