A very busy week


Skip counting line. Anyone have any other good outside methods to practice skip counting?




We went out this week to practice moving along with our skip counting. There are a lot of parts to skip counting that I believe as we get it we just take for granted. These babies are really trying their best. I just have to keep it engaging for them. There’s so much that needs to be done. So much that must be caught up on. So much to lay at the feet of Christ and just let Him deal with. All I can do is clock in and give it my best every second.




They’ve started to process of replacing my “faux” smart board with a legit smart board. I’m going to keep my faith out there they’ll be able to do it over the weekend so Monday I will have a real smart board up. It will really give me a lot more room. Since, I’m supposed to get 3 more students room is a premium. No matter what teaching must and will continue.



I enjoy meal preping so much. It does add a little normalcy to my lunch routine. Now as I get my portions in line I hope to get better and better at selecting the right kinds of food. I’m making the switch from plastic to glass containers. I’m going to do a little video about some of the issues I’ve found, but the most obvious is that microwaving plastic can be rather nasty. I found these at Kroger for $3 a piece. Can’t be that with a bat!



If you get the hint, I got the charcoal!


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