My take on the The New Annie


Most who know me and my girls know that “Annie” is a favorite in our house. (*Yeah, I like it, too.) My girls can watch this movie over and over and over again. I’ve been known to watch two showings of it myself. So imagine my sheer panic when a NEW Annie was announced. Panic? Why panic?


I was worried that this film would try so hard to modernize the story that it wouldn’t be anything like the original. I was expecting some gross over handed political commentary that tried to satirize every social ill. I worried that a chance for my girls to see an Annie that looked like that them would fall flat. Yesterday my wife and I were able to meet up with our daughters best friends at the movies and I was amazed!

What a refreshing movie! It made me feel good about being a dad of big hair brown girls. I was singing along with the familiar songs and enjoyed the modern touch. The plot made sense. The movie didn’t take it’s self to seriously. I personally believe it poked fun at a lot of topics, but didn’t even attempt to be serious about issues. There were so many social issues in the movie. A lesser film would have tried to place blame, guilt trip the audience and slam political angles. None of that happened, thankfully! The cast was fantastic.

Can I honestly call this a hit? Can I say that this is the film of the year? I don’t think movies are made for critics. They’re made for audiences. So that being said, Yeah, I think this movie was a hit and a must see.

My sincere regret is that I didn’t put it out there for my students from school to join us. They could have benefited from seeing such a beautiful, big hair brown girl.  My daughters were able to bring their besties and we had such a great time. Maybe, we’ll go see it again just so I can learn those new moves and songs.


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