Teacher Philosopher

wpid-20141022_111637.jpgThe 2nd part of this school year has been outstanding. I put my focus back on what really needs to happen/change and the other stuff is just going to do what it does. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give every student a real chance to better him/herself. And I’d feel even worse if I continued to put a great deal of my time into trying to get behaviors and attitudes on par at the expense of those who really do want to learn.

That being said, I have found myself thinking about my profession more.

Here are a couple of things I’ve noticed this year

  • Student’s always seem to transition to my school on Friday mid morning and Monday morning.
  • There aren’t many families (3+ students) that at least one isn’t in the SST process.
  • Just about every student we’ve received after Day 1 has had some kind of glaring deficiency.
  • Not having a school wide discipline plan is a very tough thing.
  • If it weren’t for my team mates I’d be sunk like a rock.
  • Homework still has to be the most overread, under appreciated, dusty tool in the tool box. Project, baby!
  • Students do want Love and Respect even though they don’t even understand these concepts. It’s hard wired into their being.
  • No matter the seniority every teacher needs a rope thrown to them every now and then.
  • People WHISPER what they think they want, but the SHOUT what they’re willing to give up time and resources for  through their actions.
  • No one in the school is our enemy. There is not Us vs.Them. We’re all on a fast moving train. It’s up to US to make it a luxury liner or a speeding train to disaster.
  • Technology is overrated. Very useful, but it’s not everything we make it out to be.

I enjoy teaching. There are a lot of “but’s” to that statement. However, I feel very comfortable that I’m in the right field. I’m making a difference and as I’ll share in my next post It’s my Lifestyle career.


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