Back at it again

This school year has been RICH! I can’t really quantify every second, but trust me it’s been a wild ride. It’s been tough. It’s been rewarding and thankfully we’ve endured faithfully. The end is in sight.

I hope to have some news in a few days.  How has your year been? Are you finishing strong? Wondering what went wrong or is the Fat Lady singing her song?


3 thoughts on “Back at it again

  1. Well. . . I’m a homeschooler (a newbie, this is my second year) and honestly it’s been very challenging and at times overwhelming. BUT it was worth it. My son would not have progressed as far as he did if he were in public school (not knocking public schools, just saying that he NEEDED one-one-one instruction). As much improvement as he has made, I was ready yesterday for a vacation.

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