My Whole30 adventure

Today I wrapped up my Whole30 adventure. I started on May 4th and concluded today. That makes it not Whole30, but Whole130 days. Here are some of my numbers.

Starting weight May 4, 2015 224

Ending weight September 10, 2015 199

Starting waist size 38

Ending waist size 36

Starting neck size 16 1/2

Ending neck size 15

During the last 6 weeks I went from:

Body Fat 16% to 12.5%

Lean Muscle 169 to 174

Fat lbs 33 to 25

I should have done the full body fat/lean muscle composition test on the top end when I started this so I can see how well I progressed. So let’s talk about what I experienced.

The Good

  • A fellow athlete from CrossFit South Cobb chose to take this venture with me. This was probably the single best decision I made. We were able to do a short book study, keep each other encouraged and find a way to enjoy this journey. So huge props to Dana my CrossFit Angel!
  • I fully understand why Jason eats. I am someone who’s really thirsty most of the time. I fully realize that most of the time when I’m “hungry” I’m really just thirsty. By carrying a jug of water with me I found it much easier to remain hydrated rather than reaching for a sugary, salty, sweet snack.
  • I am well rested. I get to bed at a really good time.  Later I’ll explain why that’s a big deal.
  • I feel strong. My performance in the gym has been on point.  I’d certainly like to do more, but life often gets in the way. I do feel I’m on par with my goals.
  • My mind feel clearer. But…I’ll tell you about that later, too.
  • Meal prep has just become so beneficial to me. I cut down on a lot of prep time, cook time and the such through the week. Adding in that we now have a great meal prep dinner party and it’s just wonderful. It’s been so easy to make Whole30 meal prep that this honestly is going to be a habit that’s hard to break.
  • Because my meal prep has been on point, my  body has gotten on a very nice eating schedule. I know when I’m hungry and I can tell much more clearly when I’m just thirsty.
  • Cravings have been few and far between. If I want something off plan I may or may not, but if I do I’m not destroying an entire pizza.
  • All my clothes fit great. Nothing is snug. I did give away everything that was to big so now I have a well fitted closet.

The Bad

  • I did’t remain on plan every meal for the entire 130 days. Whenever I did eat bad I found out something quickly. I get sick. I didn’t tell anyone, but I found myself sick whenever I scarfed down some of my kids fries or anything greasy or sugary.
  • I’m not sure why, but my sleep pattern has been trashed for a while. It’s a given that every single night I am going to wake up around 2:30-330 am. I don’t have to use the restroom or anything I just wake up. I don’t know what it is and I can’t seem to figure out a remedy. It’s been going on since before my journey and hasn’t cleared up. I still feel rested, but I know that I’m not getting quality 8 hours even though I often make every effort to do so.
  • When I get brain fog, it’s CLOUDY. I have found myself totally lost in thought mid day. I’m usually pretty clear minded, but when I get that brain fog, it’s London Fog like nobody’s business.
  • I don’t think I convinced my family to join me. Oh well.

The Ugly

  • I can’t imagine going back to eating exactly like I did before. I made such progress in understanding WHY I eat that I can’t imagine putting aside that realization for an entire pizza.
  • I don’t want to get off the Whole30. I know it’s not something to live on, but I don’t want to. I’ve more than likely had my last cheap, greasy slice of pizza.
  • I developed dry patches of skin on my legs during the start of Whole30. It lasted about a month. I’m not sure it’s because of Whole30, but it’s cleared up since.

I’d sum it all up with these three things really helped me stay faithful to Whole30 and see results. I would like to hear how you stay committed to your eating plan and what your long term results have been.

Portion control-I used to eat a lot of food good/bad just because. No restraint.

Meal Prep-Knowing exactly what I’m going to eat has been HUGE for me staying on course. I don’t need to say that it’s a budget fixer as well as a time saver.

Water-I’m all about water now. I’ve found it so helpful in the so many ways. Even though I still drink coffee and tea, I get my body weight + 10% of water pretty much everyday without question.


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