Cookies & Kilos

Last week I was able to compete in my 1st Olympic Lifting Competition at Crossfit South Cobb. It was outstanding. The best I can do to describe it is give you the Good/Bad/Ugly.


  • Just about everyone from CFSC was able to medal.

  • Our coaches were on point!  You feel safe when your coach is calling your times, giving you the weights and letting you do your thing.

  • The skill level here was fantastic! I learned so much about this craft, myself as well as how to be coached from this event.

  • I was successful in hitting 4 out of 6 lifts. I hit 2 Snatches and 2 Clean and Jerks.

  • I did earn a Gold medal in my age class.

  • I learned a lot about how much I need to work on my mobility on a regular basis. I’m completely won over.

  • I am doing another competition in a few weeks. As long as I do what I did this past week I should be able to do well.

  • My nutrition was on point. I felt strong and alert.


  • I wanted to hit 6 for 6 lifts, but it didn’t pan out that way. It’s just a goal for a 1st time lifter to hit all 6 lifts. It’s not always possible, but I wanted to pull  off a hat trick. You can see my reaction when I missed the 1st lift.

  • I was exhausted by the end. Really took a lot of “gas”. It was a LONG day.

  • Though I earned a gold medal, I won’t get my medal until next week.  They didn’t order enough medals.

  • I didn’t stick to my lifting techniques. I could have maybe hit the two failed lifts if I had done what I knew to do.


  • My right shoulder didn’t make it out un-injured. I pulled something in my shoulder and I have been very vigilant to take care of it.

  • Where were the COOKIES?!


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