So much to do

I have been in a Phonics training for the last few months. It’s been very insightful. I didn’t KNOW how to teach phonics and with the ebbs and flows in education it was hard to see where this would fit into the daily grind. Thankfully my district has invested a lot into teaching phonics and I believe it was money well spent.

My class has several struggling readers, ESOL as well as kids that aren’t motivated. What I found out is that that the more time I spend in helping them in this area the better their behavior has become. I’m not saying it’s a fix all, but helping them to read has helped a lot.

I have a few powerful stories to tell when I get a chance, but I will just say that knowing that they can read and have the skills to tackle tough words has made an impact that I hope lasts well past our time in 1st grade.


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