Now I’m a movie critic

batman-supermanYes, I went to see the movie. Yes, I am aware that the reviews were less than stellar. So here’s what I thought of Batman v. Superman.

The Good

  • Bruce Wayne was perfect. I didn’t know what to expect with Ben, but I was greatly impressed with his Bruce Wayne.

  • Wonder Woman was outstanding. She certainly needed more screen time. A Wonder Woman stand alone movie may need to be moved up.

  • The Fight couldn’t have been better. Very solid and enjoyable.

  • The supporting actors were enjoyable.

  • The point of Doomsday was ok. But since we all know Darkseid’s coming it may have been better to start with his intro as the cause for the trio to work together. Oh, wait that happens in the comics. My bad.

The Bad

  • Superman didn’t seem to have a grasp of his emotions. He was very blah. The part where he’s talking to Pa Kent, What?!

  • Lois Lane was put in the movie for no good reason. No good reason.

  • No one needs another back story on Bruce Wayne. We all know about his mom and dad and we all know about him discovering the bat cave. Stop it! Oh, and that goes for Superman and Spider-man as well! Stop it.

  • There were times when the plot literally wandered. The gent next to me kept asking out loud “why did that happen?”

  • I say this a lot, but these movies get so dark that it becomes difficult to see the action. The Doomsday scenes were so dark I had a hard time really sorting out what was happening.

  • Lex knows every Justice League member’s identity and LOGOS already, huh?

  • The Bruce Wayne foreshadow dreams, what the heck?

  • There is an obvious question about Bruce and living quarters that just didn’t make sense. If you see the movie I think you’ll see the “huh, what happened to…” moments a swell.

  • Doomsday could’ve been saved for another stand a lone Superman movie. Even hinted in this movie, but not brought out until later. Plus it would’ve allowed for Dooms to develop properly and look like the horrible monster we all know.

The Ugly

  • Lex Luthor was horrible. I couldn’t help but wish that he’d just go away. He was so joking and silly that I thought he was trying to be Jim Carey’s Riddler than Superman’s arch enemy.

  • They painted themselves into a corner with the “Anti-Superman” angle. There were some serious super hero hate in this movie. Not sure that angle was ever cleared up since it was a great deal of the movie.

  • The civilian deaths were way out of range. We all know that you can’t have wide level destruction without causalities. We all just assume that people die in these events. That being said Bats and Supes both kill people openly. Kind of made their characters more dark than previous.

  • The ending. What in the world?! That leads me into my last complaint.

  • The “god” references were WAY over the top. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a super hero movie that tried so hard to bring religion into the fine details of the story. There was so much of it I could see that a parent would have to explain a lot to their child. (Cause the movie was full of kids!)

Overall I give it a 2.5 bowties. I certainly is a “go see”. If you’re a comic book fan you’ll enjoy seeing the three main DC characters on screen together. They work well and there’s lots that can be done with future movies. If they change up their writing team I think DC will be just fine in the new Cinematic Universe.


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