CrossFit Level 2 certification class

wp-1460569688949.jpgThis past weekend I was able to sit in and take the CF Level 2 certification course. I enjoyed my Level 1 course, but this one was so much more hands on and instructional. It really explained HOW to coach a class effectively and see results from the elements discussed in the Level 1. I could see this being a class one would take again, because it really addresses the questions, problems and concerns we see on the floor everyday.

  • The seminar staff was amazing. Huge shout out to Chuck, Jenni, Bobbi and Leah! Hands down well worth the investment.
  • I want more hands on instruction. Once I started seeing ALL the holes in my game I wanted to spend MORE time ironing them out.  Really, they did such a good job I could have set up shop going over the fine details of what I need in my toolbox.
  • The pressure of coaching in from of really well trained eyes wasn’t nearly as bad I thought it would be. Everyone was supportive. Everyone had something wrong and whenever you botched something up really bad you could just say “I wanted to see if John would catch that. Good job.”
  • Not everything I do is bad. Yeah, there are some areas that need tightening, but overall I’m not that bad.
  • The cues and helps I learned were amazing! I filled by toolbox with quite a few visual, verbal and tactile helps I could use to help athletes along the way. This session was chocked full of great coaches and owners. I picked up a lot from the participants as well.
  • This is a shared skill. The more I share it and practice it the more I retain and grow.

Something was said about my coaching that went right back to my own struggles in the classroom. Let me set it up for you .

During my demo coaching session it was pointed out that I was TALKING a lot. I talked so much that my demo was really short changed and not as effective.  It’s what I do. But Bobbi made a comment, because she’s seen other teachers in this same situation. She said, “You have to give the kids time to make a draft”.

Clearly she didn’t mean my CF athletes she was really speaking to my lovey 1st graders. I have to get out of the circle, take the focus off me and let the kiddos do their work. If it needs help or isn’t on par that’s just their draft. We’ll fix it and edit it and do it again.

So this week I’ve been working on giving instructions, assignments and going to sit down next to a kid or work in my group. No more stand in front being the focus of attention. Let them focus on their work and create their draft. So far so good.

Back on the floor tonight. Got quite a few new ideas I’d like to implement.




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