Another movie review


Just went to see Captain America: Civil War. There’s not much I need to say to build up, so let’s just jump into my review.

The Good

  • The movie was well thought out. The script was clean and moved well.

  • The LONG list of build up single character/Avengers movies really made the flow of this movie smooth. No time was wasted retelling backgrounds or origins. Let’s just jump into some action!

  • I think the fact that there has been a dozen free standing films before made it ok that they don’t explain several characters. In honesty it only made me more interested in future films or appearances.

  • The cause for the “Civil War” was reasonable. Though it was complex I say again that you could tell it was thought out.

  • Though there wasn’t the huge roster of super heroes fighting the number on screen made sense and it didn’t seem to be lacking a lot of action.

  • There were tons of iconic moments and speeches.

  • The fight scenes were outstanding. The infamous airport fight was spectacular.

  • I feel that the film stuck to just a few comic story lines. I counted really only three story lines that I could distinctly point out.

  • There wasn’t a bunch of underlined symbolism and concepts that didn’t help the movie at all and just basically offend.

  • I bet we’ll see Red Hulk one day.

The Bad

  • I have to point out something. The “You killed my relatives” story plot has been played out. I can honestly think of 8-9 movies that have this as a plot or sub plot.

  • There were parts that were so good that I honestly would’ve sat there longer just to see/hear more. Ex the intro of Spider-man. I kept saying “This seems right. They finally got him right.”

  • Where’s Nick Fury!?

  • There was a scene with Crossbones that didn’t make sense. He wreaked of “Martha!”

  • I do wonder what this movie would be like if every character was available to be played.

  • The “civil war” wasn’t resolved fully, I think MCU can stand to not have complete closure on this issue.  There may need to be some kind of closure or mention of closure if they’re not going to do Iron Man: Civil War.

The Ugly

I can’t say that anything was horrible about this film. I know that many will and have found fault, but as a comic fan I think this one is pretty outstanding.

Overall, as a comic fan CACW made me proud to see. I will give it 4.5 bowties and you should as well.


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