My First Year in MCS

wpid-20151002_111731.jpgThis was my first year in MCS and it was eye opening. Here’s my observations from this past school year.

The Sunny Side

  • I totally love my team! I didn’t think I’d bond with a team as much as I did with my last group at my last school. Thank God I met this group. They made my year of teaching fruitful and exciting.
  • I had a fantastic group of students. We all struggled and in some areas we were clearly grasping for a life line, but they were never horrible. Just kids who need direction.
  • Being close to home was really fun.
  • Working in a more diverse school was insightful. It’s very, very easy to get into a mental rut when every person in the building is of the same ethnic group.
  • Supplies and “school stuff” was in abundance.
  • I had tons of volunteers come to read, visit and add to my class this year. Probably because I was only 6 miles from home.
  • Bowties were on point!
  • Jeans passes are a miracle from on High.
  • Meal Prep was on and popping!

Slightly Cloudy

  • I didn’t like my classroom theme. Thinking that I may not do a theme next year, more on that later.
  • Lots of transition. I believe that the last 2 months of school were the most stable. From Day 1 until the late April I had more than 9 students come in and leave from my class.
  • Though my kiddos were sweet they needed a lot more hugs and coddling than I dole out. Sorry kids, Whitaker doesn’t hug.
  • Where did all the grey in my beard come from?

Rainy Days

  • I feel as if I didn’t get a full grasp of the new to me 1st grade content. Coming from 2nd grade I could see where 1st grade was going, but I just don’t think I got it down.
  • I can’t find 1 picture that clearly embodies this year. Augh!

This was a fantastic school year and I can’t think of much that would have made it better. I’m enjoying my vacation and quietly looking forward to another solid school year.




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