The Whitaker Park Crawl recap

This year’s Park Crawl was a ton of fun. A lot worked out just like we expected. There were some hiccups, but nothing to report.


  • We scoped out parks that we wanted to creep by in advance. We also had our tried and true few near our house. So we had a solid plan to hit out goal.
  • Talk it up and talk it up right. The girls jumped out of bed this AM. There was no prodding and fussing. They were ready to get it going.
  • Start early. The afternoon would have been a horrible event if we hadn’t stopped early to run home.
  • Planning lunch spot was perfect.
  • Bring lots of bug spray and sun block.


  • Be willing to veer off plan. Traffic was a mess this morning so we couldn’t get to our 1st park and that threw off our plan. However, we found 3 parks that we wouldn’t have it we had stuck to our plan.
  • The girls are the right ages now. They understand that we’re doing something silly and fun. They know that this is supposed to be a Dine and Dash. I even heard them say “oh this is a 10 minute park” or “I’m going to get my full 15 minutes here.”
  • Even with a slight deviation to our trip we landed at our lunch spot on time and had a great time.


  • Don’t be surprised if they don’t fall asleep! WHY ARE THEY STILL AWAKE?!


  • The girls wanted to do a video review of each park. That would have taken much longer than our expected 101-15 minutes. However, I think we could do this sometime soon. They had some excellent/thoughtful reasons for why they liked some parks and didn’t like others.
  • The girls were supposed to rate each park between 0-10. Well, needless to say that didn’t go just right.

Pictures forth coming.



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