My thoughts on this year so far

So I am in 3rd grade. The oldest group of students I’ve ever taught. I won’t lie, I’d still rather the little kids, but this is a good trade off.

Third graders know what they’re doing. Yes, they need to be taught a lot, but most of the house keeping is centered around reminding them of rules and procedures not helping them understand what “working cooperatively” means. I need to release the reigns more for this group. After we solidify them rules, though!

This group isn’t nearly as needy as I anticipated. I have a ton of support from the ESOL team. I have 8 ESOL students in a class of 20. But you know what? Everyone does put forth some effort and you can see/hear that they want to make a go at this year.

This might sound odd, but I think I’m over exposed to tech. We have so many websites that the District has provided, plus free sites that offer support, plus sites that you go to as a teacher. I feel my open tabs bar is over run. (I am sure there’s a percent of bookmarks that we actually use and I don’t use nearly all of them). In this area I think I feel swamped.

My team is great. They know what they’re doing and allow a lose cannon like myself to be myself. There are seven 3rd grade classes, which is a lot, but we all have a full compliment of students. We all get along and support one another. Help is just a quick email or yell down the hall away.

I am much different than I was even last year. I tend to be MUCH more forgiving. I am still prone to be rant-tastic, but it’s nothing like before. Not nearly as sarcastic and over all I think this group is going to pull off something great. I am quite optimistic about this year.

There’s a lot that needs to be done. Lots that hasn’t really be made clear, but overall I have high expectations of this being a fantastic school year.


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