So far this year 

Though this is the best group of kids I’ve had in a long time, they’re still little humans and they’re flawed.  Why can’t you hang a coat, bookbag, sweater on the hook? It’s really not that hard! Augh.   Jeans passes are back! I will be trendy and wear a #bowtie, but probably won’t tuck … Continue reading So far this year 

2016 has started off…

This year has really been a mind bender. I’m SO used to resolution/goal setting/Daniel fasting/starting off with the end in mind/blah-blah-blah. This year however, I didn’t do any of the usual. I am sticking to what worked as I ended 2015 and not doing what didn’t work. That just seemed easy enough. Coming off our … Continue reading 2016 has started off…

Cookies & Kilos

Last week I was able to compete in my 1st Olympic Lifting Competition at Crossfit South Cobb. It was outstanding. The best I can do to describe it is give you the Good/Bad/Ugly. GOOD Just about everyone from CFSC was able to medal. Our coaches were on point!  You feel safe when your coach is … Continue reading Cookies & Kilos

Do you blog? Why not?

I am all about blogging. I may not be the most consistent and I certainly don’t have the most page views. Most of the time I sit down and type out some thoughts and hit post. That being said I think everyone to should blog or get their ideas out in an electronic format. Here’s … Continue reading Do you blog? Why not?