Go to church!

This is my riff on an opinion piece I read about going back to work. I took it and made a few changes. Feel free to let me know if you’ve been going to church. Worshipping from home is no longer fun — it’s time to go back to the Church By JWhit~ June 14, … Continue reading Go to church!

Cruise 2018

This year’s cruise was outstanding! So many fantastic experiences and excursions. By in far our best trip to date. Well worth the sacrifice, time and effort to arrange. Oh, let’s just say that I was “trash keto” these last two weeks. So let’s talk about this cruise. UGLY Size and age of the ship: This … Continue reading Cruise 2018

And so it begins

This school year started off with very little fan fair. That’s a good thing, trust me. I’m OK with easing into gear and a slow take off to cruising altitude. Let’s look at the current state of affairs. The Exciting I have 15 students. Most are of Hispanic descent. I have more boys than girls … Continue reading And so it begins

Happy Father’s day

Bet you can’t guess what my girls got me for Father’s day.  1 guess. Wow, you’re pretty good. Got any good stock tips you want to share? I enjoy this time of year.  Mother’s day last month now a celebration of dads. My girls have so much fun. When we factor in that this how … Continue reading Happy Father’s day