A super school year must start off busy. I have been running and going so much this year. But I will say this. My class is by in far the absolute best I’ve ever written had. They have so much potential, that I feel the real pressure to lead them to deep learning. Also I … Continue reading

My First Year in MCS

This was my first year in MCS and it was eye opening. Here’s my observations from this past school year. The Sunny Side I totally love my team! I didn’t think I’d bond with a team as much as I did with my last group at my last school. Thank God I met this group. … Continue reading My First Year in MCS

Another movie review

Just went to see Captain America: Civil War. There’s not much I need to say to build up, so let’s just jump into my review. The Good The movie was well thought out. The script was clean and moved well. The LONG list of build up single character/Avengers movies really made the flow of this … Continue reading Another movie review