Now I’m a movie critic

Yes, I went to see the movie. Yes, I am aware that the reviews were less than stellar. So here’s what I¬†thought of Batman v. Superman. The Good Bruce Wayne was perfect. I didn’t know what to expect with Ben, but I was greatly impressed with his Bruce Wayne. Wonder Woman was outstanding. She certainly … Continue reading Now I’m a movie critic

Why can’t I blog?

I have been so busy lately. Not really a good excuse, but it’s real. Mentally, I’ve n been to tired to blog. Give me this week and I will get back on my blog grind. I have a lot to talk about, just doing life has been keeping me from posting. Maybe, I’ll do a … Continue reading Why can’t I blog?

A look back at 2015

The 1st part of this school year is almost wrapped up like a present under the tree. I can’t say just how excited I am about getting away and recharging, but I am sure you understand my current state. Also this marks the end of 2015 a pretty good year over all. As with all … Continue reading A look back at 2015