20 weeks on keto

Today is my start of the my 20th week on the ketogenic diet. I have so much more to learn and so much more to improve upon on this journey. I’m by no means an expert or even a really strong guide. I’m a much less immature student. I’ve learned so much more about how … Continue reading 20 weeks on keto

New year surprise

Last week started out excellent.  My students came back really trying to learn. I was surprised cause it’s the post-Christmas blah. So proud  them. This month is going to be a haul. We honestly only have 80 days left in this school year. It’s gone by so fast. Had some great bowties this week. Also … Continue reading New year surprise


"Mr. Whitaker, how do you spell 'custapies'?" "Ummm…baby, I don't know. Say that again." "custapies" "Would you possibily mean 'custard pies'?" "No, custapies." "Ok, will you use it in a sentence" "We had my grandma's custapies for Thanksgiving." "Dear, you mean CUSTARD PIE." "No, custapies." I got a neck sprain shaking my head Continue reading Custapies