New year surprise

Last week started out excellent.  My students came back really trying to learn. I was surprised cause it’s the post-Christmas blah. So proud  them.

This month is going to be a haul. We honestly only have 80 days left in this school year. It’s gone by so fast.


A great week of new ties

Had some great bowties this week. Also lots of grey in the beard. 


Meal prep has been excellent! I picked up this little scale last week. Sadly I found out my favorite bacon has straight up been lying to me. 


I may do another in depth discussiin of meal prep post soon. This scale is excellent.  I still have my analog scale. This was so h a deal and had so raves I had to give it a check.  Wow. I will talk about it again soon. *Let me make sure my new plan actually works.

About to tackle another week of teaching and learning.

Happy birthday to…


My 38th birthday is Tuesday and because of testing this week, I can't take a personal day. SO…I'm going to throw a party Tuesday afternoon. I ordered specialty cupcakes and individual serving ice cream. I want to make coca cola floats just because I can.  We're going out side for frisbee and kickball. I just want to blow off a lot of steam from these tests and I'm going to take my class with me. 

Here's the issue. I'm not celebrating with all my class. I have about 11 students that over the last couple of weeks haven't shown any interest in shaping up their behavior. Nothing short of asking mom to sit in class has helped them get it together. So they'll have to just enjoy some games and fun but none of the other treats I have planned for the others who've really made this year fun.

The Do Rights have been great. Yeah, some have their tough days, but they're not the rule, but the exception. So I'm going to dig in my pocket and share my thanks with them Tuesday. 

What do you think? Do you give everyone a treat? Some get treats? Don't buy treats at all?