My First Year in MCS

This was my first year in MCS and it was eye opening. Here’s my observations from this past school year. The Sunny Side I totally love my team! I didn’t think I’d bond with a team as much as I did with my last group at my last school. Thank God I met this group. … Continue reading My First Year in MCS


No, I am not self absorbed and want you to put me first in your life. I was sadly, made aware that I will be moving to a different grade next year. This year has been a wonderful footnote to my hectic often castaway teaching career. I have an outstanding team. I’m “getting” the process … Continue reading #KeepWhitaker1st

Why can’t I blog?

I have been so busy lately. Not really a good excuse, but it’s real. Mentally, I’ve n been to tired to blog. Give me this week and I will get back on my blog grind. I have a lot to talk about, just doing life has been keeping me from posting. Maybe, I’ll do a … Continue reading Why can’t I blog?

2016 has started off…

This year has really been a mind bender. I’m SO used to resolution/goal setting/Daniel fasting/starting off with the end in mind/blah-blah-blah. This year however, I didn’t do any of the usual. I am sticking to what worked as I ended 2015 and not doing what didn’t work. That just seemed easy enough. Coming off our … Continue reading 2016 has started off…

A look back at 2015

The 1st part of this school year is almost wrapped up like a present under the tree. I can’t say just how excited I am about getting away and recharging, but I am sure you understand my current state. Also this marks the end of 2015 a pretty good year over all. As with all … Continue reading A look back at 2015