A pretty fun lesson

I told you before that I'm working on keeping my lessons sticky. I want to see how I can tie one lesson to the next and keep bringing up old lessons and fore shadowing future lessons. So we'll be using our graphs from this week to talk about base ten and the such. We'll pull … Continue reading A pretty fun lesson

Learning and budgeting

Actually they didn't learn to budget, but if my students get good at making grocery lists they certainly could handle a budget. Had a lot of fun "buying" things from a mock supermarket and electronics store. This will take a lot of practice. They'll see it again in a center. Speaking of centers. I gave … Continue reading Learning and budgeting

A lot going on today

Here…we..go! Another day is off and running. I'm supposed to have a visitor today to watch me teach my reading lesson. I have 2 meetings during my planning time and I have to finish the language arts assessment. Supposed to tutorial this afternoon and hit my favorite Crossfit gym as well. Let's just say this … Continue reading A lot going on today