Teachers UNITE!

So now the October stretch has started. This is the time when teachers (ME) question:  Am I making a difference?  Am I in the profession? What the HECK am I doing?  This week has been a trip. Just a lot of off task-ness and refocusing. I even had a kid steal one of my fidget … Continue reading Teachers UNITE!


A picture is worth 1,000 words, but you better be reading, too. This really provoked me. I don't keep track of the time we read, but I will be making sure it's at least 20 minutes of good, quality reading. I also noticed that this is just for the school  year. If a child doubles … Continue reading READ!

Cooking and Teaching

I think I've told you how much I like grilling. Since getting my Big Green Egg for Father's day I've cooked some great meals. It's a relaxing and enjoyable experience for me. By no stretch of the imagination am I  a chef. I'm a weekend warrior at the best description. Mainly because I'm using others … Continue reading Cooking and Teaching

Teachers will appreciate

Election day humor. Not about election day.  Only teachers appreciate being able to take attendance, check homework folders, greet students and SERIOUSLY NEEDING TO GO to the rest room!  Wanting to keep just about everything you find because "I can use that in my classroom".  *Teachers are secret hoards. New show on TLC I'm sure.  … Continue reading Teachers will appreciate