The Whitaker Park Crawl recap

This year’s Park Crawl was a ton of fun. A lot worked out just like we expected. There were some hiccups, but nothing to report.


  • We scoped out parks that we wanted to creep by in advance. We also had our tried and true few near our house. So we had a solid plan to hit out goal.
  • Talk it up and talk it up right. The girls jumped out of bed this AM. There was no prodding and fussing. They were ready to get it going.
  • Start early. The afternoon would have been a horrible event if we hadn’t stopped early to run home.
  • Planning lunch spot was perfect.
  • Bring lots of bug spray and sun block.


  • Be willing to veer off plan. Traffic was a mess this morning so we couldn’t get to our 1st park and that threw off our plan. However, we found 3 parks that we wouldn’t have it we had stuck to our plan.
  • The girls are the right ages now. They understand that we’re doing something silly and fun. They know that this is supposed to be a Dine and Dash. I even heard them say “oh this is a 10 minute park” or “I’m going to get my full 15 minutes here.”
  • Even with a slight deviation to our trip we landed at our lunch spot on time and had a great time.


  • Don’t be surprised if they don’t fall asleep! WHY ARE THEY STILL AWAKE?!


  • The girls wanted to do a video review of each park. That would have taken much longer than our expected 101-15 minutes. However, I think we could do this sometime soon. They had some excellent/thoughtful reasons for why they liked some parks and didn’t like others.
  • The girls were supposed to rate each park between 0-10. Well, needless to say that didn’t go just right.

Pictures forth coming.


The Whitaker Park Crawl

Today is the most epic foolishness that me and the girls do during the Summer, the Whitaker Park Crawl. Simply, we try to hit as many parks as we can in one day. This year since the girls are able we went and scoped out out route, planned our parks and determined where we’re getting lunch. I’ll report back with pics and shenanigans.

2nd Whitaker Park Crawl


Let’s get this party started


Our neighborhood Park. It’s not much. I believe my HOA is in the process of replacing the playground in stages so the 1st stage is the swings. We gave it 2 bowties.


We enjoy this park deeply. Not just because of the name. It’s neat and has a huge shade covering the playground. Lots for all ages of kids.  4.5 bowties.


I’m not all about this park. It’s not anything special. It’s spread out so I’m sure a lot of kids can play. We give it 2.5 bowties.


Shade and space make this a great church playground. Never been here on Sunday, but I’m sure the kids enjoy it. 4.5 bowties.


This is a neat Park. It’s. Not very special, but it’s shaded and gets 3 bowties.


This is huge park. If you saw my video on this park last year, you know that I like this park. Add to it the comedy of Trina being chased by a bee and you know why I give it 5 bowties.


Never been here before, but this is a fantastic playground.  It has a sectioned off little kids playground and a bigger kid area. Everything is neat and well maintained. 4.5 bowties


A great spacious Park. Well maintained play equipment and a huge field for a game of kickball. 4 bowties


A nice, quiet Park near our gym. Nothing special, but I’m sure very few people know it’s here. No geo tagging. 3 bowties.

There was a new Park we found. It’s in a community. We saw it and jumped out of the car. Very small and. Entirely to close to houses.  2 bowties


The day was all worth it.

We gave bowties based on a very scientific measure of (Fun x pleading to stay x sweat beads x the number of times I had to look for you/good laughs cause a bee chased Trina. )


Just a few more days left to this wonderful summer break. Matter of fact I may stop by my school tomorrow just to breathe in some germs so I’ll be immune some Day 1.