No goals left behind

I like this time of year, December-February. I enjoy planning, thinking and setting goals for the year. I always set aside time during this season to just think, dream and plan. 5 out of 7 years I set and accomplish the goals I set. This year I'm going BIG. I'm going to accomplish 100% of … Continue reading No goals left behind

The Longest days

The Longest days are those that the kids tend to grasp the least information. But also I'm teaching, grouping and talking a lot. I did not expect after this amount of time and practice my students would still be struggling with double digit addition with regrouping. It's tough. I just didn't think I wasn't reaching … Continue reading The Longest days

Teachers UNITE!

So now the October stretch has started. This is the time when teachers (ME) question:  Am I making a difference?  Am I in the profession? What the HECK am I doing?  This week has been a trip. Just a lot of off task-ness and refocusing. I even had a kid steal one of my fidget … Continue reading Teachers UNITE!

That kind of week

Every teacher can feel my when I say it was "that kind of week". Having a challenging time reaching my students. I just haven't found the combination to unlock an appreciation of learning for them. I have a list of things that worked pretty well. Some that surprised me and a lot that just about … Continue reading That kind of week