Ready for another week

This weekend was refreshing. I was a little under the weather Saturday, but I got some solid rest and I'm ready to once again join #TeamBringIt! I've got some great lessons planned. I know that with every well planned lesson comes a well planned distraction, but I'm looking forward to it.  I spent so time … Continue reading Ready for another week

Centers audit

Had my students audit my centers. They were supposed to play a center game and tell me what they learned. They thought they were telling me something, but little did they realize they were learning. Fact family drill Letter madness Center Another Letter Madness Center Word Game Center Continue reading Centers audit

Week 2 is under way

There isn't anything tough about 2nd grade. The only difficult matter is that I have to, must create and develop good habits in my students and myself. They're a good bunch and I know they can learn. They've just got to develop the habits that will help them rise to to the top.  Continue reading Week 2 is under way