1st Semester

It’s amazing how changing my perspective on this craft has taken a lot of weight off my mind. I have been focusing on how I can better my own skills. Rather than placing my attention on what I can’t control, I’ve placed my attention on me. That’s made the daily grind much more manageable. Yesterday … Continue reading 1st Semester


Getting my class organized and ready for next week. My teammate and I are lining up our plans. Tomorrow is our “meet and greet”.  My girls have been super helpful this Summer. The benefits of having dad being a teacher go both ways. The 2019-20 school year is upon us. Not sure how others do … Continue reading 3,2,1…

A relaxing update

This summer has been quiet and strategic. I wouldn’t mind “doing more”, but really I’ve been relaxing. I had a chance to go to a fantastic conference that helped shed more light on the classical ed model. I’ve been able to hang out with my wife and kids a lot. I’ve done lots of reading. … Continue reading A relaxing update

Tomato experiment

I am not certain we qualify as true scientists, but hey. We finished the project. We’ve come up with some results and a ton of more questions. So the seeds in compost grew the best. Worm castings and potting soil were 2nd and 3rd respectively. However neither of the runners up were spectacular at all. … Continue reading Tomato experiment