Santa is bringing me a purple Leprechaun on a unicorn

What if I told you that I was waiting for Santa to bring me a purple leprechaun on a unicorn tomorrow? You’d probably want to check my temp and ask if I have been taking strange substances. What if I told you that the news, talking head and every other meme on Face Book was talking about it. You’d still probably tell me that it’s not going to happen. What if I told you there’s a seminar on unicorn upkeep that I was going to take right after I got back from K&G buying my new leprechaun a new suit. You’d still think I was taking to many exogenous ketones. Continue reading “Santa is bringing me a purple Leprechaun on a unicorn”


Rocking that keto life 

Teaching on ketones has been  insightful. I have used a lot of different eating regiments, but keto and meal prep has been the longest with the most insight. The point behind going into a ketogenic lifestyle for me was the extended energy benefits, better sleep and mental clarity. It’s can’t be over lookes.  You do … Continue reading Rocking that keto life 

It’s GOAL time

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote out some clear, actionable goals. I’m not sure why, I stopped writing down my goals. For the next few weeks, I’m going to jot down some goals. I’ve done S.M.A.R.T. goals before and they’re amazing. I’ve found my biggest let down in the fact that … Continue reading It’s GOAL time

The long haul 

The phenomenon of the school year moving slow is universal. Even with this being the best year I’ve ever had in my profession as a teacher, it’s still a crime that it’s just November! Keto has been outstanding. I have had a few hiccups, but after a while you know what you’re doing right and … Continue reading The long haul