And so it begins

This school year started off with very little fan fair. That’s a good thing, trust me. I’m OK with easing into gear and a slow take off to cruising altitude. Let’s look at the current state of affairs.


The Exciting

  • I have 15 students. Most are of Hispanic descent.

  • I have more boys than girls in my class. I like my class theme. Whitaker’s Bookstore. The kids seem to like it as well.


    Day 1 room configuration


Another shot of Day 1 room set up


Now that we know how to do let’s change the room around to allow you to move better.

  • Reading and getting everyone to read on level is HUGE and at this very moment almost the only thing that matters.

    Got to give this guy credit for being a snazzy dresser

    Got to give this guy credit for being a snazzy dresser

  • I have some spirited students, but everyone else knows why they come to school and are ready to work.

  • My new school is SUPER supportive. Lots of support staff ready to help in any way.

  • I’ve met almost all my parents. Some don’t speak English, but I have me them.


    Thanks for all the great supplies to stock our class for learning!

  • That being said EVERY parent has brought me a huge bag of classroom supplies. Yahtzee!

  • My team is six deep. Never had that many co-workers on a grade level. Lots of good ideas and mind share.

  • The ethnic mix of teachers/students and staff is cool. Not all one ethnic group or even gender. Lots of males in my school.


Aren’t we adorable?

  • 1st grade is GREAT! They’re so small and funny. Kinda remind me of my own DD2 in size.

The Kinda Big Deal


My lunch box and water bottle take up my entire rolling cart. Sup wit dat?

  •  I don’t feel l have a full grasp on my daily schedule. Praying every second no one does a “walk through” on me.

  • It’s a LONG school day. 6:25 – 3:45 is a thing for sure. Add in Coaching or Training at CFSC and I’m wore out by days end.

  • I am not eating enough and sometimes I find myself going  long stretches of time sans food. Not a good idea at all.

  • Though my school is considerably closer to my house. I still have a lot of turns to make so it ends up being 15-20 minutes.

  • I get paid once a month. That’s odd. But let’s just praise God that I GET PAID!

  •  I can’t use most of the charts I made in my previous school. Can I sell ’em?

OMG! It’s time to freak out!

I can’t have a fridge in my class! I’ve spent 30000 man hours trying to find a reasonable cooler I can bring with my everyday. (It’s really that big a deal, trust me.)


Yeah, my lunch box is big. What’s it to ya!?

This year is off to a great start. I know there will be some hiccups along the way, but I’m very pleased with the start. Now, if I could find a Yeti cooler for sale.

 How’s your year starting off?


No more 2nd grade for me. 1st grade has stolen my heart.

A community tour


Our staff went on a tour of the community that feeds our school.  The local police guided our tour to give us background of the apartments, complexes and housing areas.

It was well thought out and meaningful.  We were able to ask questions and give feedback.  Lots of storied were shared.

This was very powerful.  Since I moved to this school district for its proximity to my house, I was taken aback how little I knew about this area.  Most of us had never done something like this before. We all left with a greater appreciation for our students and where they’re coming from.


Oh, and the bus driver wasn’t playing with us. She had us sitting quiet like the students.

This Summer right here

You all know that I enjoy my Summer break. You know I get a lot in to the 8 weeks we teachers cherish. But this Summer has already proven to be a little much for me.

  • I started Crossfit coaching A LOT. I enjoy it so much that I don’t think about it when I’m doing it, but it’s exhausting. My hat goes off to every owner who runs multiple classes, day after day.
  • Trying to do family Bible Study every week.
  • I’ve been playing trough some mentally challenging stuff. This has really wore my creative mind out.
  • My girls were in a movie shoot this past week. Almost was the complete mental down fall of your favorite bowtie teacher.
  • Dr. Whitaker has a new job and with that a ton of new responsibilities. Do I need to say more?
  • Daddy Day Camp starts Monday! Augh!
  • I want to study/read over the 1st grade learning standards, but I’m so busy I can’t settle my mind enough to digest them.

What came to me today was that I’m not meditating on God’s Word nor replenishing my mind and thoughts. I’ve allowed myself to not think on Him, but more on my surroundings. What’s the use of scripture if I’m not fully utilizing it as 2 Timothy 3:16 says? It’s to common to make light of a prayer less or Bible less life, but it’s very true. Next couple of weeks I think I’m going to unplug more, I can’t promise complete  un tethering, but certainly will make it more deliberate attempt.

Don’t buy school supplies

That is until you read this post. 

School is going to be starting soon, like it or not, and you're going to

1. realize your kiddos grew this summer

2. try to squeeze their feet into those shoes "for one more month"

3. wonder if you can get one more year out of that backpack

4. start looking for good B2S sales

I'll be doing the same thing. What I did find out is that we have a lot of really quality things that someone else would be happy to get. So for the next couple of posts building up to B2S I'm going to give some ideas on where to donate your kids old stuff.  I'm also going to be looking for neat recycle ideas. 

I'm starting with book bags this post. 


This organization Aspire. Inspire. Foundation has a great track record and strong feedback. Feel free to check them out and see if your pile of old book bags can find a new home. Please comment and let me know of other cool places to donate old school shoes and other items for school. 

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