This Summer right here

You all know that I enjoy my Summer break. You know I get a lot in to the 8 weeks we teachers cherish. But this Summer has already proven to be a little much for me.

  • I started Crossfit coaching A LOT. I enjoy it so much that I don’t think about it when I’m doing it, but it’s exhausting. My hat goes off to every owner who runs multiple classes, day after day.
  • Trying to do family Bible Study every week.
  • I’ve been playing trough some mentally challenging stuff. This has really wore my creative mind out.
  • My girls were in a movie shoot this past week. Almost was the complete mental down fall of your favorite bowtie teacher.
  • Dr. Whitaker has a new job and with that a ton of new responsibilities. Do I need to say more?
  • Daddy Day Camp starts Monday! Augh!
  • I want to study/read over the 1st grade learning standards, but I’m so busy I can’t settle my mind enough to digest them.

What came to me today was that I’m not meditating on God’s Word nor replenishing my mind and thoughts. I’ve allowed myself to not think on Him, but more on my surroundings. What’s the use of scripture if I’m not fully utilizing it as 2 Timothy 3:16 says? It’s to common to make light of a prayer less or Bible less life, but it’s very true. Next couple of weeks I think I’m going to unplug more, I can’t promise complete  un tethering, but certainly will make it more deliberate attempt.

Teacher Philosopher

wpid-20141022_111637.jpgThe 2nd part of this school year has been outstanding. I put my focus back on what really needs to happen/change and the other stuff is just going to do what it does. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give every student a real chance to better him/herself. And I’d feel even worse if I continued to put a great deal of my time into trying to get behaviors and attitudes on par at the expense of those who really do want to learn.

That being said, I have found myself thinking about my profession more.

Here are a couple of things I’ve noticed this year

  • Student’s always seem to transition to my school on Friday mid morning and Monday morning.
  • There aren’t many families (3+ students) that at least one isn’t in the SST process.
  • Just about every student we’ve received after Day 1 has had some kind of glaring deficiency.
  • Not having a school wide discipline plan is a very tough thing.
  • If it weren’t for my team mates I’d be sunk like a rock.
  • Homework still has to be the most overread, under appreciated, dusty tool in the tool box. Project, baby!
  • Students do want Love and Respect even though they don’t even understand these concepts. It’s hard wired into their being.
  • No matter the seniority every teacher needs a rope thrown to them every now and then.
  • People WHISPER what they think they want, but the SHOUT what they’re willing to give up time and resources for  through their actions.
  • No one in the school is our enemy. There is not Us vs.Them. We’re all on a fast moving train. It’s up to US to make it a luxury liner or a speeding train to disaster.
  • Technology is overrated. Very useful, but it’s not everything we make it out to be.

I enjoy teaching. There are a lot of “but’s” to that statement. However, I feel very comfortable that I’m in the right field. I’m making a difference and as I’ll share in my next post It’s my Lifestyle career.